We can often struggle with our body image especially when others have said cruel and nasty words about how we look. Verbal abuse or bullying about how our body looks can have a lasting impact upon how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror each day. We may be left feeling worthless, ugly and unattractive to others. We may begin to hide our real selves under make-up or clothes or we may over eat or try not to eat. The cruel words often slowly find their way into how we perceive our self image and we can begin to feel self hate or even self harm to try and cope with overwhelming pain and shame we feel inside. We can also feel ashamed of our body because we have been made to do things when we were powerless to say “No” or escape.

Experiences such as birth trauma, miscarriage, still birth or a cesarean can also leave us feeling ashamed of our body. We may feel like our body has let us down and that our body isn’t good enough. We may then believe that we’re not good enough to be a mum.

Disability and illness can also make it really difficult to accept our body. We may constantly criticise it or beat ourselves up emotionally because we are no longer fit and healthy and can’t do the things which we used to be able to do or want to do in the future. Living with illness or disability can sometimes leave people feeling there is a constant battle with their body. Operations can sometimes leave people feeling vulnerable and as if their body could shatter or break at any moment. We can often miss that our body is doing the best that it can to survive and get through each day.

Your body deserves kindness, care, love and compassion. You are made unique and beautiful just as you are. Be proud of yourself and your body. Be proud of everything you’ve been through, even your scars, hidden or visible. Your body journeys through life with you, it experiences your ups and downs, happy times and sad times with you. Do your best to look after yourself, to respect your body and mind and to honour yourself. You are precious, valuable and beautiful. It’s okay to be you.

Take Care of Yourselves Everyone 💖💖💖




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